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How we started sign and sticker printing and installation

The cornerstone of All Aspect Signs is the managing director and owner of the business, James Halkon.
James has a wealth of experience in the graphic design world and has worked his way through the ranks of various sign companies until the time came to go it alone.
Founding All Aspect Signs with the ambition of becoming the leading sign company serving the Ryedale area.
With great communication skills James is always able to understand complex briefs and carry them through the design, proofing, construction and erection processes.
His father "Nohj" has been a massive influence to his diligence and hardworking attitude.

History & Skills

James has a long history of graphic design and has worked for some very reputable businesses. Jim hasn't always designed, cut and fitted signs. He started many years ago building up his skills, designing maps at GB Maps. He learnt all the skills necessary to be a great graphic designer. After GB Maps jim progressed onto a Pickering based sign company called Ascott Signs, where he lead a small team dedicated to sign cutting and installations. He became proficient in installing car sticker wraps, large company banners and every sized sticker or sign in-between.

After Ascott signs closed Jim decided to go off on his own. Six years later, here we are. Jim has been successfully running All Aspect Signs throughout North Yorkshire and fitting some amazing pieces of signage throughout the county. View the Gallery to view some of his work. If we can't help you with your signage or sticker requests we are very well connected and in the ryedale and yorkshire area. We can direct, help and outsource work for you.

James has progressed his skills in Illustration, Image Manipulation, Graphic and Logo Design throughout his long career.